The first issue of the ANUHJ II is now available online

You can read all the articles in the issue on our publications page

Are you looking for an article from the old ANUHJ (1964-87)? 

In our 2019 issue, we published an index to the first 15 issues of the ANU Historical Journal (1964-87). Although our back issues are not yet available online, the editors are currently retrieving copies of existing articles and reviews on request. If you would like to request an article from our back issues, please email the editors at (to help us locate the article more quickly, include the author, title and volume number of the article).

We aim to retrieve articles as soon as possible, but requests can take up to two weeks where editors are required to visit the National Library of Australia to scan the article.

Articles already available online include:

K. S. Inglis, ‘Return to Gallipoli‘, ANU Historical Journal 3 (1966), 1-10.

A M. Healy, ‘Paternalism and Consultation in Papua, 1880-1960‘, ANU Historical Journal 4 (1967), 19-28.