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News from the ANU History Society

The ANU History Society made a comeback in 2018 after a very long hiatus. We have aimed to create a fun space of history lovers at the ANU to connect, make friends and grow a welcoming community. We aim to run regular events open to anyone, of both a social and academic nature, encourage faculty connections, provide academic support, and create a social atmosphere based at the ANU.

Bianca and Eric at the ANU Market Day, 2019. Collection: ANU History Society.

We had great success in our inaugural year which thanks to the growing support and membership from the student body and continued support and donations from the school of history. We have just hosted a mix of social and academic events to kick the start of 2019 off.

We began the year with a student mixer and forced “tutorial ice breakers” on the attending staff and academics, this was followed by our women in history morning tea to celebrates women in history month. This event was a great success organised by the women on our society to promote women working in history; our panel included Professor Carolyn Strange, Dr Chris Wallace, Dr Tania Colwell and Dr Karen Fox. The event was a great success with much insight and advice given to navigate the academic and professional world of a heavily male-dominated industry. We also were exposed to some rather extraordinary women within the historical narrative itself. Last week we co-hosted ANU History with Trivia with 99 Trivia hosts Jeremy and Al. We sponsored the event and the prize which was movie vouchers to the winning table.

The executives of classics and history society and all the participants of last year’s Great Debate – Which History won. Collection: ANU History Society.

Going forward in semester two of 2019 we hope to host a selection of significant events ranging from movie nights, the Great Debate and academic panels.

Our next big things will be hosting universal lunch hour in week 9 and weekly study sessions in the lead up to exams and final essays of semester one. These will be held on Wednesdays in the Coombs Tea Room Between 10 am and 2 pm for anyone who has any questions, issues or wants to just chill out and draw out historical events in Game of Thrones.

Right at the beginning of semester two will be Bush Week where we will hold a sign-up stall so if you’re looking for a fun and very pizza-focused club to join come sign up! The membership is $5 for student and $10 for everyone else. Alternatively, all of all social media pages Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have links you can click on to sign up online.

If you are interested in keeping up with our week to week itinerary and enjoy a little historical irony like our Facebook page and Twitter account which will catch you up on our activities as well and occasionally enlighten you with our on #onthisday facts. We also promote all events hosted within the school of history at ANU and anything that supports our members academically and socially. 

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