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Frequently asked questions: Submitting to the journal

Based on queries we have received from authors, we have answered a few frequently asked questions. If we haven’t answered your question, please don’t hesitate to write to us at

Who can submit to the ANUHJ II
Students, academics and graduates affiliated with any Australian university and/or cultural institution can submit their work to the journal. You do not even need to be living in Australia, so if you have moved overseas or are on exchange you can still submit.

I am a student author and have never published before. How do I know if my article is good enough for submission? 
The editors strongly encourage students to submit their work to the journal and offers mentorship to all student authors. However, as the journal does have a double-blind peer-reviewing process, student submissions will be reviewed to the same standards as all other submissions. We suggest that only students with highly commended work (high distinction) consider submitting to the journal. Honours and post-graduate students are encouraged to submit their work. If you are uncertain whether your work is suitable for submission, please don’t hesitate to write to the editors for advice ( In some cases, academics or postgraduates students at the ANU might be able to offer feedback on your article prior to submission.

Should my article include a title and subtitle?
Yes, we recommend that authors include a title and subtitle for their submission.

Can I submit more than one article to the ANUHJ II?
No. Authors are only permitted to submit one research article to the journal for each annual year (this does not include reviews).

I have written a 2,000 word source analysis for an undergraduate history course. Can I submit it?
Yes, the editors are happy to consider ‘short articles’ for publication in the journal.

I want to write a book review or exhibition review for the ANUHJ II. What should I do? Will I need to buy the book? 
The ANUHJ II does not publish unsolicited book or exhibition reviews, so if you would like to review for the journal, please contact the editors to ‘pitch’ your review. In a pitch you should explain to the editors (in fewer than 400 words) why you think it would be a good title (or exhibition) for the journal to review and why you think you would be a suitable reviewer. We recommend that students only pitch reviews in fields that they have studied (if you have never studied the American Civil War, do not pitch to review a book on the American Civil War). You do not need to have previous reviewing experience to review, but the editors need to get a feel for your writing experience so please provide a sample of your writing. If your pitch is successful, we will send you the title(s) for free by mail. We normally request that reviews are submitted within two months of the reviewer receiving the book or visiting the exhibition.

Can I pitch to review more than one book or exhibition at a time?
Yes, the editors are willing to consider reviews of up to four books or exhibitions.

What is the biggest mistake authors make when submitting their articles?
Some authors do not read the guidelines properly, so please read them carefully. The editors will not accept submissions that use in-text referencing, do not provide the requested contact information or have not been anonymised.

What happens after I submit my article to the editors?
After you submit your article, you will receive a confirmation email from the editors. If you do not receive this email within five working days, please contact them again. Normally the peer-review process takes 4-5 months, after which you will receive a report from the editors and comments from our two reviewers. There are four possible outcomes for all submissions: accept without changes, minor revisions, major revisions and reject. Authors whose submissions are accepted with minor revisions will work with an assigned editor to respond to the reviewers’ comments. Authors whose submissions are accepted with major revisions are required to work with two assigned editors to respond to the reviewers comments. Their articles will then be reviewed again by two reviewers before being finalised for publication. The second edition of the ANUHJ II is scheduled for publication in late-2020.

Does the ANUHJ II accept cross-disciplinary submissions?
Yes, but all submissions must show a strong engagement with the discipline of history. The ANUHJ II encourages cross-disciplinary scholarship, especially in art history, heritage and museum studies, but it is an academic history journal. If you are not sure your article is ‘historical’ enough, try reading some of the contributions from the first issue to get a sense of whether the journal is the best place for your work.

If I have images or photographs in my article will I need to pay for high-resolution copies?
No. Here at the ANUHJ II we do not expect authors to pay for high-resolution images. If your article is accepted for publication, we will cover the costs for the use of up to five images. We recommend that you make sure you have permissions to use any images as we are not able to cover copyright fees.