1 June 1964

The ANU Historical Society is founded

The ANU Historical Society was formed in June 1964 with Scott Bennett as president. Although it is not completely clear whether the Journal preceded the Society, the publication of the first issue of the ANUHJ only six months later suggests that they were a joint venture. The Society was active in the late 1960s and 1970s, organising a range of social activities, including sherry parties, film nights, dinners, lectures and seminars (often in Haydon-Allen), staff-student softball, hockey, soccer and cricket matches, and supporting students to attend the Inter-Varsity History Student’s Conference.

Historians at play in 1967 (left to right: Lucy Kinloch, Jan Gammage, Ron Fraser, Anne Fraser, John Ritchie and Bill Gammage; Hector Kinloch replaces Lucy Kinloch in second photograph). This photograph was taken at Ron and Anne’s rental house in Carruthers Street, Deakin.