3 December 1964

The first issue of the ANU Historical Journal is launched

The first issue of the ANU Historical Journal (ANUHJ), edited by Alastair Davidson, Ron Fraser and Anne Kingston, was launched in the Haydon-Allen Building by Professor Manning Clark on 3 December 1964. The issue included seven contributions, featuring an article by TL Suttor, titled ‘Shades of Green. Other contributions included T. Godfrey-Smith on the plague in medieval Europe, Major John Coates on the Russian Revolution during World War I and Scott Bennett on the effect of the Victorian Goldrush on the economy of Van Diemen’s Land. (An index of the articles published in the first series of the Journal has been listed in the 2019 issue and are accessible online).

A page-long list of acknowledgements at the end of the journal reveal the enormous support the journal received from the Canberra community, listing Verity Hewitt and Cheshire Bookshop as well as Vice-Chancellor Sir Leonard Huxley and Professor Brian Beddie, co-founder of the Political Science Department.