31 July 1974

The first index of the ANUHJ is published

The 1973 & 74 editors, Doug Munro, K.B. Jackson and Phil Carpenter, published the first index to the ANUHJ which listed every contribution to the first nine numbers of the Journal (this included 55 research articles, two notes, 27 reviews and three obituaries). As it was a double issue the price of the Journal also increased from $1 to $2, although it was fully intended that volume 12 would return to the affordable price of $1. This did not happen and in 1976, number 12 was sold at $3 each.

The ANUHJ II has published a full index of the 15 volumes of the first series which you can read online for free. While these articles are not yet available online, the editors are currently retrieving articles on request. If you would like to request an article from a back issue of the journal, please email the editors at anuhj@anu.edu.au

Articles already available:

A M. Healy, ‘Paternalism and Consultation in Papua, 1880-1960‘, ANU Historical Journal 4 (1967), 19-28.