The second issue of ANU Historical Journal II was only possible due to the generous support of scholars both at The Australian National University, and at universities all over the world. First and foremost, the journal is indebted to the generous funding initially provided by professors Rae Frances and Michael Wesley in 2017, as well as to ongoing funds committed by professors Frances and Catherine Waldby in 2019. Without financial support, the journal would not have been possible in the first place, and we remain incredibly grateful for the ongoing funding that makes future issues possible.

We also wish to extend our thanks to the dozens of scholars who agreed to review articles for the journal and performed the task with patience and generosity. Without such support, the journal would not be able to function as it does. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated both by ANUHJ II’s editors, and by the scholars you assisted with your feedback.

We are also indebted to the continued enthusiasm and generosity of historians who went above and beyond to assist with this issue of ANUHJ II. In particular, we are incredibly grateful for the expertise and keen eyes of Professor Frank Bongiorno, Dr Malcolm Allbrook and Emily Gallagher. The second issue of ANUHJ II would not have been produced as seamlessly if not for the support, advice and assistance of these individuals.

Finally, to the contributors of this issue, we thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication in working with us to see your writing published in ANUHJ II. It has been a privilege to work with you: congratulations to all on seeing this process through to the end.