This issue of the ANU Historical Journal II is made possible through the generous support of many scholars in Australia and abroad. It began with a conversation over drinks, about a ‘history journal’ that was sitting on an old bookshelf in the Coombs building. Soon afterwards, in early 2017, Professor Nicholas Brown, then Head of the School of History, offered his support for a project to revive the old ANU Historical Journal (1964–87). A student editorial committee was formed and a few months later Professor Rae Frances and Professor Michael Wesley agreed to provide the resources that were needed to make the project a reality.

Two years later, 32 years after the last issue of the ANU Historical Journal (ANUHJ) was published, the Journal has returned in a second iteration. Such a project has involved more people than we could ever acknowledge here. Many scholars, some having no previous affiliation with ANU or Australian history, gave up their time and expertise to review the articles submitted to the Journal. We are grateful to all 41 of them.

We also wish to extend a special thanks to the editors of the first series, especially Ron Fraser. As in 1964, Ron and Alastair Davidson were the first contributors to the Journal. We are immensely grateful for the continuing support of Professor Nicholas Brown, Professor Frank Bongiorno, Professor Tim Rowse—who, along with Nick, generously reviewed the final manuscript of the Journal—and Professor Martin Thomas, who helped circulate the call for papers among a great number of his students.

To the contributors of the first revived issue of the ANUHJ II: it has been a pleasure and a privilege.