Index of the ANU Historical Journal (1964–87)

All articles published in the first 15 issues of the ANU Historical Journal (1964-87) are listed in the following index. Our back issues are not yet available online, but the editors are currently retrieving copies of existing articles and reviews on request. Before emailing to request an article, please check that it has not already been uploaded on Footnotes.

Vol. 1, No. 1 (1964)


Alistair Davidson, Ron Fraser and Anne Kingston


Dr TL Suttor, ‘Shades of Green’, pp. 4–12.

T Godfrey-Smith, ‘Plague and the Decline of Medieval Europe: Correlation or Coincidence?’, pp. 13–43.

Major John Coates, ‘The Russian Revolution and World War I’, pp. 44–54.

IGF Paton, ‘A Consideration of Beard’s Account of the United States Constitution’, pp. 55–68.

S Bennett, ‘The Effects of the Victorian Goldrush on the Economy of Van Diemen’s Land’, pp. 69–83.

A Davidson, ‘The Italian Communist Party 1921–1924: An Inner Party Dispute’, pp. 84–97.


D Gollan, review of The Soviet Revolution 1917–1939, by Abramovitch (1962), pp. 98–100.

Vol. 1, No. 2 (1965–66)


Anne-Louise Kingston, Mother Mary Pauline Kneipp, OSU,
Zenta R Liepa, Robert J Moss


Eoin MacWhite, ‘Ireland in Russian Eyes under the Tsars’, pp. 5–13.

Mother Mary Pauline Kneipp, OSU, ‘The Seamen’s Strike
1878–1897: Its relation to the White Australia Policy’, pp. 14–18.

RJ Moss, ‘The Road Back to Delhi: Revolution and Reaction in 1857’, pp. 19–27.

CF Yong, ‘The Banana Trade and the Chinese in New South Wales and Victoria—1901–1921’, pp. 28–35.

DH Solomon, ‘The Muckrakers’, pp. 36–42.

P Jennings, MSC, ‘Governor Gipps and the Crown Land Regulations of the 1840s’, pp. 43–47.

Number 3 (1966)


John Iremonger, with Margaret George, Maya Sapiets, Carolyn Turner, Don Brech and Philip Brown

Managing Editor:

Martin B Gascoigne


KS Inglis, ‘Return to Gallipoli’, pp. 1–10.

D Hickman, ‘Opposition to the Victorian Education Act of 1872’, pp. 11–16.

Margaret George, ‘The Annexation of New Guinea’, pp. 17–23.

Warren Ellem, ‘Mob Violence in the American Revolution’, pp. 24–33.

IR Langman, ‘Arnold of Brescia’, pp. 35–42.

Adrian Falk, ‘The Dilemma of Historical Explanation’, pp. 43–48.

Antony Bellincanta, ‘Jacksonian Government and its Historians’, pp. 49–52.


John Iremonger, review of The Nazi Seizure of Power: The Experience of a Single German Town, 1930–1935, by WS Allen.

Number 4 (1967)


John Darling

Editorial Committee:

Margaret George, Caroline Turner, Philip Brown, John Iremonger and Ken Oldmeadow

Managing Editor:

Jeremy Madin


CM Williams, ‘“Cruel Necessity”—Republican Beginnings in the English Revolution’, pp. 5–12.

NB Nairn, ‘A New Look at an Old Master’, pp. 13–18.

AM Healy, ‘Paternalism and Consultation in Papua, 1880–1960’, pp. 19–28.

JD Ritchie, ‘The Colonial Office, New South Wales and the Bigge Report, 1815–1822’, pp. 29–37.

WCK Hammer, ‘The Australian Natives’ Association and Australian Nationalism’, pp. 38–44.

ID McCalman, ‘Wellington and Catholic Emancipation—A Revision’, pp. 45–53.

R Moss, ‘The Historical Imperative—Plekhanov and his Incentive’, pp. 54–63.

IM Britain, ‘The Origins of Novatianism and Donatism’, pp. 64–70.


MD Rutledge, ‘The Australian Dictionary of Biography’, pp. 71–72.

R Whitelaw, ‘A Note on Young England’, pp. 72–74.

Number 5 (1968)


Ian Britain and Jeremy Madin

Editorial Committee:

Penelope Joy, Caroline Turner, John Darling and Michael Thawley


KS Inglis and Manning Clark, ‘Anne Fraser’, pp. 5–6.

Anne Fraser, ‘The Negro in Colonial New York, 1664–1776’, pp. 7–15.

Robert Moss, ‘The Ideology and Administration of Nazi Racism—A Study in Collective Responsibility’, pp. 16–40.

Don Wright, ‘Alfred Deakin and Immigration, 1901–10’, pp. 41–50.

John Darling, ‘Frederick Douglass: The Negro in the Abolitionist Movement’, pp. 51–61.

Susan Eggins, ‘The 1949 Election and Australian Foreign Policy’, pp. 62–69.


Chris Borthwick, review of Cartoons of Australian History, by Coleman and Tanner (1967), pp. 69–71.

Jeremy Madin, review of Garryowen’s Melbourne, ed. Weidenhofer (1967), p. 72.

Number 6 (1969)


Ian Britain and Iain McCalman

Editorial Committee:

Rosemary Auchmuty, Bill Garnett, Gerald Garnett, Anne Holmes, Helen McCallum, Michael Thawley, Caroline Turner and BL Wilson


WF Mandle, ‘Auden and the Failure of the Left’, pp. 3–9.

Wilbur R Jacobs, ‘Frederick Jackson Turner’s Views on International Politics, War, and Peace’, pp. 10–15.

Susan Eade, ‘Pioneers of Populism: Herzen and Chernyshevski’, pp. 16–22.

KS Oldmedow, ‘Petrarch and Leavis: A Perspective on Literature and Society’, pp. 23–34.

Helen McCallum, ‘The Making of the Registration Act of 1836’, pp. 35–43.

IM Britain, ‘Victoria, the Chinese and the Federal Idea, 1887–1888’, pp. 44–60.

MR Downing, ‘The Appeasers in Britain, 1933–1939: Some Aspects’, pp. 61–69.

Number 7 (1970)


Helen McCallum and Rosemary Auchmuty

Editorial Committee:

Hugh Moore, John Pender, Michael Birch and Ashton Robinson


FB Smith, ‘The Plug Plot Prisoners and the Chartists’, pp. 3–15.

Bruce W Hodgins, ‘The Plans of Mice and Men: An Introduction to a Comparison of Early Australian and Canadian Federalism’, pp. 16–25.

Caroline Turner, ‘“The Central Theme revisited”: Recent Historians and the Ante-Bellum South’, pp. 26–34.

Denis P Minns, ‘Conciliarism and the Great Western Schism’, pp. 35–41.

Iain McCalman, ‘Africa and Negro-American Nationalism: From Negritude to Black Revolution’, pp. 42–59.


John N Molony, review of Benedictine Pioneers in Australia, by Birt (1911, reprint 1970), p. 60.

Iain McCalman, review of A New Britannia, by McQueen (1970), p. 61.

AS Robinson, review of Foreign Devils, by Barr (1970), p. 62.

Bruce W Hodgins, review of The Pelican History of Canada, by McNaught (1969), p. 63.

John Thompson, review of Urbanisation in Australian History, by Glynn (1970), pp. 65–66.

Number 8 (1971)


Michael Birch and Michael McKernan


LS Lauritz-Schurer Jr, ‘The Loyalist Response to the American Revolution: Whig Loyalism in Colonial New York’, pp. 3–9.

TD Drake-Brockman, ‘Anarchism: On the Scrap Heap of History’, pp. 10–18.

KG Hindle, ‘The Bolivian Campaign of the [Che] Guevara’,
pp. 19–31.

KB Jackson, ‘The Rise of the Pomares, 1768–1825: Politics and Tradition in Tahiti’, pp. 32–43.

IT Matheson, ‘“An Arm of Flesh”: The Church of England in the Diocese of Goulburn 1863–1900’, pp. 44–52.

IE O’Brien, ‘Missionaries on Ponape: Induced Social and Political Change’, pp. 53–64.


PA Selth, review of The Australian Sketcher with Pen and Pencil (1970), pp. 65–66.

DWA Baker, review of A Thousand Miles Away, by Bolton
(1963, reprinted 1970), p. 66.

Humphrey McQueen, review of British Imperialism and Australia
1783–1833: An Economic History of Australasia
, by FitzPatrick
(1939, reprinted 1971), pp. 67–68.

DI McDonald, review of Architect Extraordinary: The Life and Work of John Horbury Hunt 1838–1904, by Freeland (1971), pp. 68–70.

John Ritchie, review of Ireland Since the Famine, by Lyons (1971), pp. 70–71.

John Merritt, review of Australian Folklore: A Dictionary of Lore, Legends and Popular Illusions, by Fearn-Wannan (1970), pp. 71–72.

KB Jackson, review of The Trading Voyages of Andrew Cheyne
, ed. Shineberg (1971), pp. 72–73.

PA Smith, review of The History of Tasmania, by West (1971), pp. 74–75.

Number 9 (1972)


Kim Jackson, Phillipa Weeks and Doug Munro


John Ritchie, ‘Agatha Christie’s England, 1918–39: Sickness in the Heart and Sickness in Society as Seen in the Detective Thriller’, pp. 3–9.

Doug Munro and Richard A Herr, ‘Island Confederation and George Westbrook’, pp. 10–19.

Dennis Shoesmith, ‘Nature’s Law: The Venereal Disease Debate, Melbourne 1918–19’, pp. 20–23.

GT Caldwell, ‘From Pub to Club: The History of Drinking Attitudes in New South Wales (1900–1945) and the Growth of Registered Clubs’, pp. 24–31.

Martin Brady, ‘Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus and Modern Architecture in Weimar Germany’, pp. 32–37.

Dennis Shoesmith, ‘The H. Otley Beyer Collection in the National Library of Australia, Canberra’, pp. 38–39.

John Young, ‘The Passionate Partisan: J. W. Davidson, 1915–1973’, pp. 40–42.


Peter Corris, review of The Destruction of Aboriginal Society; Outcasts in White Australia; The Remote Aborigines, by Rowley (1972), pp. 43–44.

K Baker, review of A Colonial City. High Life and Low: Selected Journalism of Marcus Clarke, ed. Hergenhan (1972), pp. 44–45.

Doug Munro, review of The London Journal of Edward Jerningham Wakefield, 1845–46, ed. Stevens (1972), p. 46.

Phillipa Weeks, review of France in Revolution: 1848, by Denholm (1972), pp. 46–47.

Martin Brady, review of A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary History, eds Krinkler and Laqueur (1972), pp. 47–48.

Doug Munro, review of Questioning the Past: A Selection of Papers in History and Government, ed. Crook (1972), p. 48.

Graham Harrison, review of Samoa 1830–1900: The Politics of a Multi-Cultural Community, by Gilson (1970), p. 49.

JW Davidson, review of John Cawte Beaglehole: A Bibliography (1972), p. 49.

Deryck Scarr, review of Kidnapping in the South Seas, by Palmer (1871, reprinted 1973), p. 50.

Kim Jackson, review of A Residence of Eleven Years in New Holland and the Caroline Islands, by O’Connell (1972), p. 50.

Numbers 10–11 (1973–74)


Doug Munro, Phil Carpenter and KB Jackson


Ged Martin, ‘What was “Colonial Independence”?’, pp. 3–9.

Ian Hamill, ‘An Australian Defence Policy? The Singapore Strategy and the Defence of Australia’, pp. 10–20.

Anthony Haas, ‘The South Pacific Commission: Towards Regional Self-Determination, 1965–1970’, pp. 21–25.

Oliver MacDonagh, ‘The Irish in Victoria, 1851–91: A Demographic Essay’, pp. 26–39.

David McDonald, ‘Child and Female Labour in Sydney, 1876–1898’, pp. 40–49.

Phillipa Weeks, ‘Trade Unions and One Party States: Kenya and Tanganyika, 1961–1966’, pp. 50–60.

Article Reviews:

KB Jackson, ‘Melanesia, Queensland, Fiji’, pp. 61–64.

Dennis Shoesmith, ‘From Deserts the Prophets Come’, pp. 65–69.


Kevin Fewster, review of An Architect of Freedom: John Hubert Plunkett in New South Wales, 1832–1869, by Molony (1973), p. 70.

Alan Powell, review of Civilizing Capitalism: the Labour Movement in New South Wales, 1870–1900, by Nairn (1973), p. 71.

Ian C Heath, review of Sir William McGregor, by Joyce (1971), pp. 72–73.

Peter Corris, review of Aborigines and Settlers: the Australian experience, 1788–1939, ed. Reynolds (1972), pp. 73–74.

Peter Corris, review of This Our Land, by Harris (1973), pp. 73–74.

Michael McKernan, review of Church and State: Changing Government Policies Towards Religion in Australia; with Special Reference to Victoria Since Separation, by Gregory (1973), p. 74.

Peter Spearritt, review of Hobart Town, by Bolger (1973), pp. 75–76.

Peter Spearritt, review of Brisbane in the 1890s: A Study of Australian Urban Society, by Lawson (1973), pp. 75–76.

Malcolm Tull, review of A History of the Ports of Queensland: A Study in Economic Nationalism, by Lewis (1973), pp. 76–77.

Humphrey McQueen, review of Modern Australia in Documents, Vol I, 1901–1939; Vol II, 1939–1970, ed. Crowley (1973), pp. 77–78.

Doug Munro, review of Yankee Maritime Activities and the Early History of Australia, by Wace and Lovett (1973), pp. 78–79.

*This issue includes a list of completed history honours theses at The Australian National University and an index of the ANU Historical Journal, 1964–72.

Volume 12 (1976)


PD Hurst


Manning Clark, ‘Who Would Want to be a Digger?’, pp. 3–14.

Gordon Bunyan, ‘And What of the Loyalists?’, pp. 15–24.

Jonathan Brown, ‘The Articles of Confederation: Towards a First American Constitution’, pp. 24–31.

I Bruce Watson, ‘Voltaire’s View of English Society’, pp. 32–43.

Charles Maskell, ‘The Albany “Separation for Federation” Movement’, pp. 44–51.

Coral Bell, ‘The Diplomacy of Detente: The Kissinger Era’, pp. 52–75.


Judith Middlebrook, review of A Concise History of Australia, by Lacour-Gayet (1977), pp. 76–78.

Charles A Maskell, review of Colonial Australia Before 1850, by Fletcher (1976) and Convicts and Colonial Society 1788–1853, ed. Evans and Nicholls, pp. 78–80.

James Miller, review of Scientists in Nineteenth Century Australia: A Documentary History, ed. Moyal (1976), p. 80.

Alan Mayne, review of Cape Solitary, by Ericksen (1975), pp. 80–81.

Volume 13 (1977)


PD Hurst


TB Millar, ‘Three Liberal Foreign Ministers’, pp. 3–10.

Giles Short, ‘Blood and Treasure: The Taking of Lagos, 1850’, pp. 11–19.

Susan Jones, ‘Kenya and the Devonshire White Paper of 1923’, pp. 20–40.

Phillipa C Weeks, ‘John Dunmore Lang and The Colonist, 1835-40’, pp. 41–54.

Article Reviews:

Sir Paul Hasluck, ‘Anthologies, Archives and Other Sources’,
pp. 55–60.

Geoffrey Jukes, ‘Hitler’s Generals: Ahead at Half-Time?’, pp. 61–67.

Jill Waterhouse, ‘Canberra: A Different Jubilee: Local History in Canberra 1927–77’, pp. 68–74.


JL Richardson, review of The Diplomacy of Detente: The Kissinger Era, by Bell (1977), pp. 75–77.

Judith Middlebrook, review of Edward John Eyre: The Hero as Murderer, by Dutton (1977), pp. 78–81.

Steven A Fitzgerald, review of China and the World Since 1949. The Impact of Independence, Modernity and Revolution, by Gungwu (1977), pp. 81–83.

Patrick Weller, review of Patrician Democrat: The Political Life of Charles Cowper 1843–1870, by Powell (1977), pp. 83–84.

Robin Gollan, review of Mediator: A Biography of Sir Richard Kirby, by d’Alpuget (1977), pp. 84–85.

Marion Roderick, review of Black, White & Gold: Goldmining in Papua New Guinea 1878–1930, by Nelson (1976), pp. 85–87.

Volume 14 (1979–80)


Gordon Murdoch Bunyan


Bruce Kent, ‘People’s China and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat’, pp. 3–19.

Graeme Powell, ‘Bruce, Latham and the 1926 Industrial Powers Referendum’, pp. 20–36.

Barbara Dawson, ‘Sanitary Conditions of Melbourne, 1888–1891: A Study’, pp. 37–49.

Elizabeth Palmer, ‘British Colonialism and Indigenous Peoples, 1815–45: Cape Colony, New South Wales, Van Diemens Land and New Zealand’, pp. 50–72.

Maurie McNarn, ‘From Imperial Appendage to American Satellite: Australian Foreign Policy and Australian Involvement in the Vietnam War’, pp. 73–86.

Article Reviews:

Robert Losik, ‘Many Reasons Why’, pp. 87–98.


Mohammed Ayoob, review of Iran: Royalty, Religion and Revolution, by Rizvi (1980) and The Rise and Fall of the Shah, by Saikal (1980), pp. 99–100.

John-David Moody, review of The War Lords, by Taylor (1978), pp. 100–101.

PG Edwards, review of The Little Digger 1914–1952: William Morris Hughes, A Political Biography, Volume II, by Fitzhardinge (1979), pp. 101–102.

Peter Neal, review of Rise Up and Walk: An Autobiography, by Muzorewa (1979), pp. 103–105.

Andrew Maher, review of Livingstone, by Ransford (1978), pp. 105–107.

RR Macintyre, review of Suez: A Personal Account, by Lloyd (1978), p. 108.

Carlyle Thayer, review of The Irony of Vietnam: The System Worked, by Gelb and Betts (1979), pp. 109–110.

Volume 15 (1981–87)


Jack Grundy and Adrian Stevens


Eric Sparke, ‘Biography is a Tandem Ride’, pp. 1–8.

Amanda Leveratt, ‘A Consideration of the Debate on “Patriarchy” between Sheila Rowbotham and Sally Alexander and Barbara Taylor’, pp. 9–17.

Nancy Nicholls, ‘Political Economy of Domestic Labour’, pp. 18–26.

Brian Wenn, ‘The 1894 Shearers’ Strike’, pp. 27–34.

Charles A Maskell, ‘Sir John Forresters in the East: the Role of the Delegates from Western Australia to the Federal Conventions of 1891 and 1897-98’, pp. 35–57.

Janice Gill, ‘The Origins of the Australian Army Nursing Service and its Involvement in the First World War’, pp. 58–70.

Monica E Tankey, ‘Chinese in Australia: One Family’, pp. 71–79.

Sally Murray, ‘Kayahara Kazan, Yukawa Hideki and “Cosmopolitanism”’, pp. 80–87.

Eric Sparke, ‘Death of Sheep’, pp. 88–97.

*This issue includes an updated index of the ANU Historical Journal, 1964–72.

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